Forgiving is easier than forgetting.
Welcome to my blog lovelies. I'm _ years young and i blow my candles out on the 25th of April. I live in the beautiful state of California. I live my life with no regrets and I believe that everything happens for a reason . I care too much. I act too quickly and i make mistakes, but i learn from them. I'm complicated. I over analyze everything and I always think the worst. I love my family and friends. I enjoy reading, writing, singing, dancing,listening to music, sleeping in late, & just living each day like it's my last. I blog to express not to impress & i love talking to each one of you. So don't hesitate to come and say HI!
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princesstaee asked: Some of your favorite songs? :)



  • sure thing - miguel
  • bound to you - christina aguilera 
  • down with the sickness - disturbed
  • whore - in this moment
  • did my time - korn
  • is it wrong - lana del rey
  • running up that hill - placebo
  • shoots and ladders - korn
  • cold - crossface
  • sad girl - lana del rey
  • girly show - faderhead
  • man in the box - alice in chains
  • hurricane - 30 seconds to mars
  • crazy - aerosmith 
  • bb dont cry - sango
  • so high - doja cat
  • smokin and drinkin - ozzie
  • tessellate - ellie goulding 
  • your kisses - daughter
  • heart shaped box - nirvana
  • jealous girl - lana del rey
  • lies - marina and the diamonds
  • love you more -eminem
  • lolita - lana del rey
  • stronger than i was - eminem

AND SO MUCH MORE OMG I also have a lot of music here


My 4 year old brother told me he was scared to grow up and cried for like 10 minutes straight

finally I asked why he was so scared

and he said he was scared of drinking coffee


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imagine if your name was a swear word

motherfucker can you please come down to the office

omg at first i thought u meant like ur name was used as a swear word 

shut the brittany up go chris yourself

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never did I find pain more addicting than when I met you.
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